2012 Research Team

2012 APRL lab photo: (from left) Jonathan Reeder, Wesley Fichera, Aamir Shaikh, Courtney Keeler, Walter Voit, Connie Manz, David Arreaga-Salas, Dustin Simon, Clive Liu, Yuvaraj Haldorai, Taylor Ware, Nate Fairbank
Assistant Professor Voit

2012 Research Affiliates
Matthew Di Prima - Visiting scientist from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
2012 Postdoc Researchers
Wenzhe Cao - Joined the group in 2012 after receiving a PhD from Princeton University working with Prof. Sigurd Wagner; went on to work at McKinsey and Co.
Yuvaraj Haldorai - Graduated in 2012 from APRL and took a faculty position at Pusan University in S. Korea
2012 Doctoral Researchers
David Arreaga-Salas - CONACYT scholar in 1st year @ APRL
Adrian Avendano-Bolivar - CONACYT scholar in 1st year @ APRL
Connie Manz - First student in UT Dallas MSE history to receive all A's in her core courses and be exempt from the qualifier
Jonathan Reeder - Spent 6 months in Japan working with collaborator Takao Someya
Dustin Simon - 2nd year graduate student in APRL
Taylor Ware - 3rd year student and NSF graduate fellow in APRL
Masters Researchers
Aamir Shaikh
2012 Undergraduate Researchers
Raheel Ata (sophomore)
Wesley Fichera (senior)
Eric Greene (junior)
Clive Liu (senior)
Courtney Keeler (senior)
Kevin Korzekwa (freshman)
Ryan Marcotte (sophomore)
Melanie Maurer (freshman)
Dimitri Porcelli (junior @ MIT)
Vivek Raman (sophomore)
Abhishek Raj (junior)
Steven Shaffer (senior) - 3D Printing, Radiation Crosslinking
Sagar Shah (sophomore)
Cory Swanson (senior @ Univ. of Portland)
Brayden Ware (senior @ MIT)
Zoe Wilson (junior)
High School Researchers
Lidia Barbaresso
Gokul Prabhakaran
Austin Kopec
Sid Sant