2013 Research Team

Assistant Professor Voit

2013 Research Staff
Tonya Griffin - Handles group logistics including new hires
Diane Griffith - Handles ordering supplies and graduate coursework
Benjamin Lund - Lab manager coordinates CEHMS Center and polymer/composites research
Connie Manz - Lab manager coordinates lab meetings, lab supplies, lab logistics, lab finances, lab budget, new hires, lab visitors
Nithya Ramachandran - Handles finance and accounting
Julieta Terry - Handles travel, expenses and lab visitors
Ashley Willess - Works with graduate student course scheduling
2013 Research Affiliates
Matthew Di Prima - Visiting scientist from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Steven Shaffer - Collaborator from L3 Communications
Brayden Ware - Guest researcher and graduate student at UC Santa Barbara
2013 Postdoctoral Researchers
Randy Allen - Joined the group in Sept. 2013 after receiving a PhD from Stanford University working with Profs. Zhenan Bao and Gerry Fuller
Benjamin Lund - Joined group in 2013 as Assistant Director of the NSF Industry-University Collaborative Reserch Center, The Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems (CEHMS)
Dongmei Shao - Joined group in 2013 in collaboration with Ken Lee (UT Southwestern)
Yulong Shen - Joined group in 2013 in collaboration with Prof. Jason Slinker (UT Dallas)
Xiling Tang - Joined group from The Ohio St. University in 2013
2013 Doctoral Researchers
David Arreaga-Salas - CONACYT scholar in 2nd year @ APRL
Adrian Avendano-Bolivar - CONACYT scholar in 2nd year @ APRL
Cary Baur - 3rd year graduate student in Chemistry joined APRL in 2013; awarded NSF SBIR as PI in the area of 3D Printing with local startup company Syzygy Memory Plastics
Connie Manz - Became lab manager in 2013
Aldo Garcia-Sandoval - Joined the group as a CONACYT fellow in ME in 2013
Tony Kang - Joined the group as a graduate student in ME in 2013
Jonathan Reeder - Received the NSF graduate fellowship, NSF East Asia Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowships and Texas Biomedical Device Fellowship in 2013
Radu Reit - Joined the group in 2013 as an NSF graduate fellow and Texas Biomedical Device Center Fellow
Dustin Simon - Selected as a Texas Biomedical Device Fellow in 2013; lead subcontract researcher on NSF SBIR awarded to local startup company Vulintus
Taylor Ware - Successfully defended his PhD in MSE in Oct. as an NSF graduate fellow and joined the Air Force Research Labs in Nov.
Kejia Yang - Joined the group in 2013 as a Chemistry graduate student
2013 Undergraduate Researchers
Vedika Agrawal (freshman)
Saud Ahmed (senior)
Raheel Ata (junior)
Pramukh Atluri (freshman)
Grant Beall (junior)
Eric Chen (freshman)
Raiyan Choudhury
Javier Fernandez-Han (freshman)
Andrew Ford (junior)
Caitlynn Fortner (freshman)
Eric Greene (senior)
Sam Hartke (freshman)
Saud Hassan (junior)
Kevin Korzekwa (sophomore)
Ryan Marcotte (junior)
Melanie Maurer (sophomore)
Adam Mendonca (freshman)
Mahir Moin (sophomore)
Lauren O'Neal (freshman)
Vivek Raman (junior)
Abhishek Raj (senior)
Sakthi Rajendran (junior)
Robert Secheli (freshman)
Conan St. John (senior)
Andrew Vaccaro (freshman)
Andrew Wei (freshman)
Daniel Zamorano (junior)