Adrian Avendano-Bolivar

Adrian Avendano is a PhD student in the University of Texas at Dallas for Professor Walter Voit. His research is focused on the design and fabrication of thin film transistors on shape memory polymers to implement flexible and stretchable electronics. Also studying the integration of these TFTs in applications such as pressure and stress sensors, as well as logic gates circuitry.  His experience centers in the fabrication of flexible circuits such as NANDs, NORs, inverters and operational amplifiers using organic and inorganic semiconductors.

Adrian was born in Saltillo Coahuila in Mexico. He finished his bachelor in Mechatronic Engineering in the Saltillo Technology Institute in 2007. After working for GE Electric Distribution Equipment division he started his PhD in UTD in 2008. In Summer 2011 he was an intern for Qualcomm in the QMT department. Expected graduation in August 2013.


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