David Arreaga-Salas

Biography: David E. Arreaga-Salas is a research assistant in the Materials Science and Engineering department at The University of Texas at Dallas. He is currently pursuing his PhD under the guidance of Dr. Walter Voit. His field of research has been focused on fabrication, surface analysis and electrochemical testing of electrodes for various applications. Mr. Arreaga is the recipient of a scholarship from the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico for International  graduate studies.

David was raised in Nava, Coahuila Mexico. In 2008 he completed his bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering at the ITESRC. After graduation he worked in the automotive industry at Nagel Precision of Mexico at Saltillo Coahuila Mex. as service engineer, servicing companies like General Motors, Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and others. In August 2009 he started graduate school at UT Dallas and completed his Master's Degree requirements in the spring of 2011 while working with Dr. C. L. Hinkle.

David is expected to graduate in summer 2014.    


David E. Arreaga-Salas, Amandeep K. Sra, Katy Roodenko, Yves J. Chabal, and Christopher L. Hinkle.  “Progression of solid electrolyte interphase formation on hydrogenated amorphous silicon anodes for lithium-ion batterie”.  The Journal of Physical Chemestry C  116 (16), 9072-9077

T Ware, D Simon, DE Arreaga‐Salas, J Reeder, R Rennaker, EW Keefer, W Voit  “Fabrication of Responsive, Softening Neural Interfaces” Advanced Functional Materials

Conference Presentations

David E. Arreaga-Salas, Taylor Ware, Dustin Simon, Adrian Avendano, Walter Voit High Surface Area TiN Electrodes as an Interface Material for Softening Neural Flexible Electronics” Physical Electronics Conference (Dallas Tx) 2012

Simon, D, T Ware, D E Arreaga-Salas, A Avendano-Bolivar and W Voit (2012). "Poster Blitz: Physiologically Responsive Neural Interfaces with Functional Electrode Materials." 2012 Neural Interfaces Conferences: Salt Lake City, UT. Poster and Invited Presentation.

Simon D, T Ware, J Reeder, D E Arreaga-Salas and W Voit (11.30.2011). "On the Fabrication and Processing of Novel Shape Memory Polymer Multi-Electrode Arrays." Materials Research Society (MRS) 2011: Boston, MA.

D. E. Arreaga-Salas, A. K. Sra, E. Roodenko, Y. J. Chabal, and C. L. Hinkle  “SEI formation kinetics on a-silicon for nanotube anodes” Electrochemical Society (Boston MA) Oct 2011.

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