Dustin Simon

Biography: After receiving a BS in MSE in 2009 from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Dustin spent a year and a half in industry specializing in process engineering.  Then joining the APRL in Spring 2011, Dustin has specialized in the development of neural interfaces and flexible electronics.  His areas of expertise include cleanroom processing, thermal analysis of polymers, and biomedical device development. Dustin is working closely with neuroscientists to develop the next generation of clinically relevant central and peripheral neural interfaces. Dustin was named a Texas Biomedical Device Center Fellow in 2013 and hopes to finish his doctoral studies in late 2014.

Dustin was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and grew up in central Florida. While at Georgia Tech, Dustin was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and was involved in undergraduate research, freshmen orientation, and student honor committee.

Research Interests: Shape Memory Polymers, Flexible Electronics, Biomedical Devices, neural interfaces, cochelar implants, cortical probes, neural microstimulators, softening electronics, biotic-abiotic interfaces, biomedical device encapsulation, polymer toughness