Raheel Ata

Biography: Raheel is an undergraduate biochemistry major. He graduated from Greenhill School in Addison, TX and has lived in the Dallas metroplex for 15 years. His aspirations are to obtain an MD with an ultimate goal to go into surgery. Medicine has always been a passion of Raheel's, especially because it is a very complex form of problem solving. Raheel has performed research in the APRL for a little over two years now, working on the implantation of flexible neural devices in rats. He also has a great interest in biomedical devices and innovation. Ultimately, he would love to combine his growing medical knowledge with research to develop knew surgical devices and techniques. In his free time, Raheel enjoys listening to music, playing football and is trying to learn golf. 

Raheel was accpeted in the Archer program in Washington DC for Fall 2014 where he will combine policy and science working closely with the US Food and Drug Administration in regulatory science and and interfacing with DARPA.

Research Interests: Shape Memory Polymers, Flexible Electronics, Neural Stimulation, Neural Recording, Surgery, Biomedical Devices

Link to CV (2013)