Randy Allen

Biography: Randy Allen is originally from Philadelphia. He graduated in 2008 from Princeton University with his bachelor's degree majoring in chemical engineering. At Princeton, Dr. Allen studied the affect of shear on the morphology of block copolymer films under the tutelage of Richard Register. He continued his education at Stanford University, where he received his PhD in September 2013 in chemical engineering under advisors Zhenan Bao and Gerald Fuller. At Stanford, Dr. Allen studied the alignment of carbon nanotube films using gelated carbon nanotube/conjugated polymer composite dispersions. This introduced him to organic electronics, particularly stretchable conductors and pressure sensors. He was awarded a Stanford Graduate Fellowship after his first year at Stanford. He is now working as a postdoctoral scholar in the APRL and at the Texas Biomedical Device Center at UT Dallas developing a pressure sensor amd working toward technology commercialization with local companies Texas Instruments and Syzygy Memory Plastics. These pressure sensors may have applications from touchscreens for displays to wearable electronics.


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