Steven Shaffer

Biography: Steven Shaffer was born and raised in Dallas Texas. He played baseball and soccer in his youth and was a member of the Boy Scouts of America. He graduated from Plano East Senior High School in 2007, and then enrolled in the University of Texas at Dallas. He joined the Advanced Polymer Research Lab (APRL) in the spring of 2012 where he worked on developing a new plastic for 3-D Printing and the effects of heat and radiation on polymer properties. His favorite hobbies today are playing rugby, woodworking, and being around friends. An undergraduate researcher in the Advanced Polymer Research Lab for 2 years, Steven graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in May 2013. Steven continued as a researcher in the lab until Fall 2013 when he accepted a job with local company, L3 Communications in the area of aeronautics. At the APRL, Steven led a project related to the radiation crosslinking of polyacrylates, polyurethanes and poly (lactic acid). While at UT Dallas, Steven played for the school's rugby team for three years where they went undefeated and won two Texas state championships. Steven was a part of the ASME student organization at UT Dallas in which students met with local professionals. Steven worked with local company CommScope for his senior design project, where his team designed a hydrogen fuel cell powered by a methanol reformer to help power telecommunication networks as a backup power supply in times of crisis. Steven was accepted as a student grant winner for the Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS) where he will present his work on radiaiton crosslinked, 3D printed materials at their annual conference in March.

Research Interests: Shape Memory Polymers, 3D Printing, Radiation Crosslinking, Anisotropy, Biomedical Devices

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