Tony Kang

Biography: Tony joined the graduate program in Mechanical Engineering in Fall 2013 and has been working with the Advanced Polymer Research Lab since late 2012. Tony specializes in optics and laser physics and laser micromachining of neural devices. He is working on cutting high aspect ratio holes with down to 4 micron spot sizes in materials such as poly (ethylene naphthalate) (PEN), parylene C, poly acrylates and thiol-ene/acrylates. He has developed several clever rastering processes to reduce the heat affected zone around the cut surface which leads to precision fabrication of neural electronics. Tony is studying surface morphology and developing new ways to use the Yttrium Aluminum Garnett Class IV laser to alter the properties of shape memory polymers.

Research Interests: Shape Memory Polymers, Flexible Electronics, Laser Micromachining, Neural Electronics