Walter Voit

Professor Walter Everett Voit began his faculty career June 1, 2010 as an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Dallas where he explores the thermomechanics of shape memory polymers, flexible bioelectronics, neural interfaces, 3D printing, organic electronics, optoelectronics and the effects of ionizing radiation on polymers. Prof. Voit is the 2nd Vice President of the Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards through the National Institutes of Science and Technology (NIST) and an International Atomic Energy Agency consultant in the field of radiation crosslinked shape memory polymers. Prof. Voit is a cofounder and Chief Technical Officer of startup company Syzygy Memory Plastics. Dr. Voit received a DARPA Young Facutly Award in 2013 to build chronic neural microstimulators to interact with peripheral nerves. Prof. Voit is the UT Dallas Associate Director of the NSF Industry University Cooperative Research Center, the Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems which is led by Virginia Tech. The Center focuses on Powering the Internet of Things for wearable sensors, implantable sensors, sensors for intelligent packaging and extreme environement sensors for transportation and oil and gas industries. Dr. Voit was named Editor for the Journal, Polymers for Advanced Technologies in 2013. Dr. Voit also serves as Associate Editor for the Journal, Energy Harvesting and Systems and is an active reviewer for multiple leading journals in his fields: IEEE Sensors, The Journal of Polymer Science B, Colloids and Surfaces B, The Journal of Biomedical Materials Reserach A, Small, Chemistry of Materials, Advanced Materials, Macromolecular Rapid Communications, Smart Materials and Structures, Macromolecules, Polymer, Radiation Measurements, The Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Engineering of Biomaterials, JOM, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, Applied Materials and Interfaces, European Polymer Journal, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Biomacromolecules, Polymer Reviews, Macromolecular Bioscience and Sensors and Actuators A.


Dr. Voit was born in Cologne, Germany and grew up in Ann Arbor, MI and Mt. Pleasant, SC. He also spent a year in Hobart, Tasmania. Dr. Voit attended Wando High School where he lettered in soccer and captained the Quiz Bowl team. He graduated valedictorian and attended the University of Texas at Dallas as a Eugene McDermott Scholar.

Professor Voit has traveled extensively, having visited more than 45 countries, and spent his junior year of college studying abroad in Munich and in Cologne. Dr. Voit spent two summers as an intern at Los Alamos National Labs as a computer scientist performing research in global grid computing for ocean modeling applications and bandwidth monitoring of the Linux kernel.

He also worked for two and half years with Dallas nanotechnology startup company Zyvex, where he helped build custom scripts in python, C++, OpenGL, html and other languages and toolkits to manipulate precision instruments and visualize 3D MEMS constructions. Professor Voit received a B.S. in Computer Science in May 2005 and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from UT Dallas in August 2006. Dr. Voit’s Master’s thesis work was conducted under the mentorship of I. Hal Sudborough where their team helped improve the upper bound of the pancake problem which has not been beaten since William (Bill) Gates and Christos Papadimitriou published on the subject in 1979.

Dr. Voit was named a Presidential Scholar at Georgia Tech and was selected to the prestigious TI:GER program, which is a partnership with the College of Management and Emory Law School. Dr. Voit performed his doctoral work under the guidance of Ken Gall. He cofounded Syzygy Memory Plastics in December 2007, has authored papers in top materials journals and is lead inventor on several patents.

Professional Preparation

The Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, 2009

University of Texas at Dallas
M.S. in Intelligent Systems, 2006

University of Texas at Dallas
B.S. in Computer Science, 2005


Oct. 2012 - 2nd Executive Vice President, Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS); Appointed Treasurer in 2010; Science and Technology chair in 2011
Aug. 2012 - Member, UT System Technology Assessment Committee, Horizon Fund Committee
June 2012 - Symposium Chair, TMS 2013, “2013 and Beyond: Flexible Electronics”
May 2012 - Advanced Materials Strand Leader, Int. Meeting on Radiation Processing 2013-Shanghai
Feb. 2012 - Associate Site Director, NSF IUCRC Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems
Jan. 2012 - UTD Honors Faculty Member
Apr. 2011 - Faculty Inductee, Phi Kappa Phi; Expert, International Atomic Energy Agency
June 2010 - McDermott Faculty, University of Texas at Dallas
June 2010 - Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

Professional Recognition and Honors

2013 - 2015  DARPA Young Faculty Award Winner
June 23-25, 2014  Session Chair, Neural Interfaces 2014 (CIRMS)
2010 - 2014  Executive Board, CIRMS
2008 - 2014  Member, Materials Research Society (MRS)
2008 - 2014  Member, TMS
2007 - 2009  NSF IGERT-Funded TI:GER Fellow, Georgia Tech
2006 - 2009  Presidential Fellow, Georgia Tech
2005 - 2006  Erik Jonsson Fellow, UT Dallas
2001 - 2005  McDermott Scholar, UT Dallas


Curriculum Vita

NSF Biosketch (2013)